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Some seasons ago I was blessed to have been allotted the opportunity to coach a great group of kids. I wanted a way to reward/recognize excellent execution and precedence on the defensive side of the ball. This gave birth to the HITMAN Award. The HITMAN Award was awarded every game day during the season to a single player that displayed excellent DEFENSIVE play during the course of the game. This player may have had the most tackles that game or may have made that momentum changing CRACK! Whatever the scenario may have been, this player was designated as that week's HITMAN. Each week a different player was awarded the Hitman award and got to take the award hammer home and engrave/scratch their name and number into it's handle. At the end of the season we select on of the players from the group of HITMAN Award winners that displayed consistent sound defensive play throughout the season and this HITMAN was awarded the HITMAN Of The Year Award ...welcome to the HAMMER...



Team HITMAN consist of the HITMAN Award winning players and all of the coaches, parents, friends, family, sponsors, fans, ...and organizations that support, promote, and believe in safe, proper, and enthusiastic physical defensive play, competition, performance, and activities. The vision of Team HITMAN is to become an organized unit that will promote sound, fundamental and excellence in youth everywhere in multiple sports, activities, and performances. We will aid, support, and sponsor youth athletes and events that will help develop, build, and instill not only sound defensive play, but instill integrity, self confidence, discipline, responsibility, and to can be a HITMAN...

The Team

Damon Terry | Managing Partner|

Damon Terry II | Managing Partner |

Loc Duong | Director of Administration | 

John Whidby | Director of Operations |

Jerome Wallace Jr | Director Of Baseball Operations|

Ahmad Spidel | Director of Sales, Marketing & Sponsorships |

Ramteen Solemani | Director of Player Development |


 Mai Blair | Fundraising Manager |




| Director of Digital Media |

| Brand & Marketing Manager |


 | Digital Media & Marketing Manager |

| Sales Manager & Player Development |

| Sales Executive & Operations |

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